Start a Conversation

The principal of North Amana Workshops, Guy Wendler, truly enjoys learning about businesses and the people involved with them.  He believes that getting to know a business, the market(s) it serves, and the people involved are key to providing anything of value in the way of advice, counsel, and insight.  For this reason, he encourages those interested in developing a working relationship to reach out to him via telephone or email and start a conversation.  Getting to know each other before any formal engagement not only is key, it is fun – the start of a new adventure in business.  Mr. Wendler is happy to do this on his own time believing that if the time is right, something more formal will be put in place. After all, he is “retired” and has the time.   So, feel free to start a conversation by reaching out via telephone, 319-431-5037, email,, or by completing the Contact form here.